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Green Herbs


Couples come to therapy to get unstuck.  I will be honest about what I see in your dynamic and help each of you clearly understand what’s going on and how to move forward.  Some couples fear that going to therapy together means there is something wrong, when in fact, we all have past life experiences that impact our relationships. Many couples come to therapy to be proactive in better understanding themselves and their partners and develop skills to create a more vital and secure relationship.

Couples therapy can help with:


  • Getting stuck in cycle of conflict

  • Becoming shut down or enraged during high stress moments

  • Growing distance in the relationship

  • Resolving core differences between partners

  • Interest in a more fulfilling sex life

  • Substance use issues impacting relationship

  • One or both partners experiencing depression

  • Past or current family issues impacting relationship


Cost is $200 per 45 minute session or $260 per 60 minute session.

I welcome people of all races, genders, sizes, ethnicities, sexual identities, relationship configurations, and lifestyles.

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