Group can be seriously life-changing.  It’s a unique chance to connect with others who are also interested in learning more about themselves and developing more meaningful relationships.  In group, you get to practice being your whole self around around other people. Groups often become close support systems where you can learn how to express your thoughts and feelings, and work through conflict in a healing way.  Group is also an affordable way to invest in yourself.

Group therapy can be helpful for those interested in:


  • Better relationships of all kinds

  • Practicing being vulnerable and increasing emotional intimacy

  • Learning about patterns that may be holding you back in relationships

  • Connecting with others experiencing similar life transitions

  • Developing more trust and safety in relationships


Cost is $60 per weekly 80 minute session.

I currently offer group on Monday evenings        from 5 - 6:20 pm.  Call me at 512-961-8132 for more information.

(512) 961-8132

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